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Here comes the nasty mood....

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Last night my husband came home in a decent mood he was talking and interacting and thne when it was time to put our 4 year old to bed she wanted him to sleep in our bed with us and at first he was snappy with me like usual and then finally fell asleep.  Today he got aggravated with me too because I am trying to get his mother seen for a medical reason and none of his sisters are willing to help but one and of course what we are trying to do is wrong in his eyes because his mother is very stubborn and everything we try to do he says well you know she is not going to do that.  Then tonight I called him because I was trying to pick up some groceries and our daughter was in a funky mood and it was raining so I called to see if he could help me. This was the wrong thing to do of course, he had to lecture me about how I dont need to call him for stuff like this and he hung up on me. Its like when we have some normal times he has to go back to being rude for no reason. I would understand the attitude more if I were all over him hugging and kissing him and asking him to take me places, but I'm not I'm just being a normal person who tries to communicate about life.  Last night I had to take a breath and step back because he asked our other daughter if she wanted a shirt for his motorcycle club a family shirt that the families get and the woman in his club that I have my suspicions about is the one who had the idea about it because our daughter told me today that she had called him the other night on the way to his sons birthday party.  I'm trying to let that go and remember that he is a toddler wandering around lost and that I have God on my side to help me thu tough situations and that the decisions he makes are his decisions and he has to live with them.  I hope there is nothing going on with them but I wonder now.....

  • Sorry! I know it's so hard to have positive and then get shot down again. I know I've felt that way especially when I want help. I've learned the best thing is to do everything on my own and eventually he comes around to help me... probably just best to leave it all be- the asking for help, the mother in law. Let him come to you and ask for help. I was reading that to a woman helping is a sign of love but to a man asking to help is a sign of disrespect. I've also noticed that there are times when I asked for help even though I didn't need it but because I wanted him to fill some void. God can fill that void and he will never give you more than you can bear. You can do this with just you and God!

  • It isn't fair about having to carry the family burdens.  But it still is not the time to have any expectations of him helping.  Next time, let you and the cranky youngster get wet and shop quickly, and when she throws a tantrum in public, be a calm and kind testimony to those that look at the both of you by the way you do not react negatively or emotionally to her.  

    Each time he hits the low end of the coaster ride, he sees how you stay consistent.  And this is part of why he goes back down, trying to make you react.  Keep staying consistent.  Let Christ's convictions frustrate him.  your consistency keeps the door open a little more for Christ to work in him.

  • It is easy to let our imagination and thoughts run loose.  I pray the Spirit control your thoughts.  You are right, his decisions are his own and he will have to live with them and answer to them one day.  

    "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."  and "Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there" are 2 inspirations I keep reminding myself and hope they help you too.  It's not easy when you think there is another woman, but stay strong...often times, their journey isn't about us, or the OW or OM, it is about them.  Thankful that we are on a journey about God!

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