Collaborate without boundaries
  • Successful dare day?

    Today, I kept my cool all day while talking things out with my husband. I didn't get irritable or angry. He said he can't love me like he did before. He officially labeled us as split. I have still have been home. This morning I packed some clothes...
  • I missed day 5.. and all last week..

    I'm looking forward to day 6 tomorrow. I've already been practicing not being offended so easily and positive reaction since I decided to let God back in my life. Also, I prayed for the first time, since that decision, 2 weeks ago. I prayed 2...
  • I feel like I can't do it.

    My husband and I had a big fight 2 weeks ago. He said some very hurtful things. I know what bothers him about me. I'm just trying to earn his love again. Is it ok to skip a dare if he has told me the answer during a big fight? This one scares me to...
  • Day 4. Having a hard time.

    I'm having a hard time relying on God. How do I change focus to God and not so much my husband and marriage? I'm trying to get God back into my life. But I also feel like I can't give up on my marriage.
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