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Successful dare day?

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Today, I kept my cool all day while talking things out with my husband. I didn't get irritable or angry.  He said he can't love me like he did before. He officially labeled us as split.  I have still have been home. This morning I packed some clothes and toiletries in case the conversation went south.. as it did in a calm manner. I told him I wanted to go stay at my parents house for a couple nights. And he thought it was so I could block him from going out with his friend tonight. It's so hard loving someone who doesn't want you. I know this mess is my fault but I'm ready to fix it and now it's too late.  I know he still cares in the little things he does.  His guard is up and I understand why.. we have two kids but how do I go through life without the live of my life? Giving it to God is hard, but I do it. And it worked out well the first 2 days I prayed. I pray at least every morning. Sometimes throughout the day. 

Why bother continuing with the love dare if your world is crashing down? I have no motivation for anything.  

  • You are coming  across very selfish in this entry.  Why should you bother doing this, you packed half expecting things to go bad, wanting to go to your parents.  do any of these things you mentioned build unity or detract from showing unity with your husband.

    how often in life did you make it hard for God to love you?  Yet, He still loved you more than you can ever understand.  So, do what  God does for you to your husband. Love him even when it isn't easy to do so.

    did you read the appendix about leading the heart?  If not, do it now.

  • How consistent are you at doing a dare a day?  I am guessing not real consistent.  Yet, you are it sounds like trying to do more than the dares call for.  such as having a conversation with him to fix things.  You need to leave all the fixing in  Christ's hands.  You got things to this point your way, now it is time to let go and let God have all the control.

    Remember, this is a journey between you and Christ not you and your husband.  The motivation for this isn't the reactions you get from your  husband, which is what you are looking for, the motivation is  to grow in Christ.

    You married and entered a covenant with your husband but just as importantly with God.  do not give up on a covenant you entered with God.  

  • Don't take what I said as being critical.  We all have inclinations to do things to comfort us.  But as you continue in the dares, you will see when these situations come up, you will approach them in a new manner. Because you are being molded.

  • many of us endure rejection by our spouses, and yes, it is painful and hurts.  That is when we seek our comfort from Christ and not our spouse!  Hold God higher than your spouse...I know I held my hubs higher that God at times.  Like Tim said, this journey is to grow in our walk with Christ, and in doing so we learn to love our spouses unconditionally.  You can do this - seek God's will, peace, love and strength as you endure the rejection from your spouse.

  • Things do, often, get worse; even to the point you wonder if there is ever going to be a better.  One thought I wake up with every day of late is, "He is working this for your good."  I heard that line in a song and it sort of got stuck in my head.  When I get discouraged, I try to remember this.  God always has a plan.  We, most of the time, don't have a clue what He is doing, but we can always know whatever it is, it's for our good, simply because God loves us.

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