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I missed day 5.. and all last week..

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I'm looking forward to day 6 tomorrow. I've already been practicing not being offended so easily and positive reaction since I decided to let God back in my life. Also, I prayed for the first time, since that decision, 2 weeks ago. I prayed 2 days ago. And God answered my prayer later that day. Then I prayed yesterday that my DH and I would have a good ride (on his motorcycle). We did! I prayed again this morning.. we've been getting a long so well. I still feel hesitant, though. But, I'm making changes to better myself and my walk with Christ. I feel better already. I'm not sleeping too well, but I'm still waiting for everything to fall into place.

I still worry.. I don't know how not to. But, tomorrow is Day 6. 

  • You need to choose to become consistent with doing a dare a day.  That will help you learn to trust Christ and not worry and also let you continue to grow in Christ and that will allow you to sleep better.

    When you choose not to do the dares, you are taking control from Christ. And  as you have seen, the more Christ is  in control and in your life, the better things are.

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