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Day 5 Round 5

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Today is day 5 Round 5.  This morning on my the way to work I completed my dare. The mornings are the worse because he doesnt speak to me at all. He usually turns up the music and looks straight ahead when he drives never even looks my way.  Well this morning I woke up and did all the things I have been doing, ironed his shirt, made everyone breakfast, he did not eat. On the way to work I turned the radio down and said Silas I want to ask you something. What three things do I do that you can think of that really bother you.  He looked at me and turned the radio up and kept driving. I did not push the issue, I let it go and tried to keep my mouth shut the whole way to work and was trying to just be thankful that we did not argue. I tried to find peace in the silence. It gets hard to find peace in the silence when you want a person to talk to you so that you can understand where they are coming from. Last nite he was very quiet did not even really talk to the kids. His sister sent me a text today of him wearing his glasses that he posted on fb last nite and told me that he had over 50 women comment on it. Of course I could have gone my whole life without knowing this. I kept this to myself I didnt say a word to him, when months ago I would have said something about him seeking other peoples attention. I'm sure that tonight will go the same as it has been, him coming home and going strait into the bedroom not speaking one word. I will continue to try to find peace in the fact that we are still under the same roof and we are not fighting.  It is hard to stay positive at times like this. 

  • Stay strong Mdarby.  The Lord is working on you and through you.  The reason your husband is always mentioning other women is because he is looking for a reaction--don't give it to him.  You are doing a good job holding your tongue.  He also is not saying anything because he has nothing to say.  If you were fighting, he would blame you.  Prayers to you.

  • I am beginning to feel like his sisters and his best friend just want us to not be together. His sister sent me another text message saying how women were commenting on how sexy he looks in glasses and how gorgeous his picture is blah blah and then his best friend who I try not to communicate with said to me in a text message he may have blocked you from fb but not me wouldnt you love to see the comments that are being made.  No not really because I dont want to continue to be hurt by the dumb things he does for attention. I pray for Gods will in his life, he is sick, he has an obsession with attention and other women and it is not healthy....praying for peace tonight because it is getting real hard.

  • I decided to turn my phone off for the nite and also deactivate my fb account again, even though I cannot see his page, just being on fb is enough to make thughts go thru my head and it posts memories which make me upset as well.  I have to get this out of my life even if he doesnt do it to his.

  • When they don't respond to a dare such as the three things I think that is often a blessing.  We don't have to hear the negativity and the dares are probably taking care of the 3 top three things anyway.  Yes the dare was completed.   And in person, when you knew it was during the more difficult part of the day.  You trusted Christ.  

    If you haven't, let her and his friend know you are choosing to love unconditionally, just as Christ loves His church.  And that everything is forgivable and you will not walk away from the covenant you made between he and Christ.  And that if they don't have anything to say that supports you standing for the marriage, to please not contact you about the negativity.  

    Something like that, in your words, which I am sure would be better.

    And if they continue to call or text about the negativity, consider blocking there number or just telling them you have to go and say sorry, bye, and hang up.

    Well, pray about how to handle these calls.  They are not fun to get.  I know how they can make you feel.  But when they hit you with this news, just run to Christ and seek Him and He will comfort you.  

    And maybe turn this around.....such as thinking, yep ladies, he is my husband and he is a good looking guy, and he lives with me.  But if you do find comfort in switching the thinking on this, make sure you let God know He is your absolute true and only comfort.

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