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Day 4 round 5

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Today is day 4 and I completed my dare today. This morning I woke up and prayed and read my devotional and made breakfast for the kids and my husband.  I was off from my day job so I planned to relax around the house with my daughter. He took my son to school and about half way thru the day I texted him saying. Is there anything I can do for you today to make your day easier. Of course he did not respond but I completed my dare. I would have called him but he was at work and I know he would not have answered the phone. When he got home he had on some new reading glasses that he had been talking about buying and I was surprised to see him with them so I asked if they were working alrite. He just looked at me and made a plate of food and then went into the bedroom where I'm sure he will stay all nite.   I am trying to just find peace in the fact that he is home and under one roof and not focus on the negative things like the fact he is not speaking to me still. I am trying to focus on good times with my kids and my walk with Christ. Praying that I can continue on this path..

  • Praise God for these victories in your marriage.  Your husband is still home with you.  How much greater is the chance that have to show him unconditional love when he is right there with you.  Great job following through with the dare.  You also noticed something different with him by his glasses which shows you are paying attention to him.

  • It sounds like you took another step further into Christ's comfort.  Terrific.  And that's good you mentioned the glasses but didn't try to force conversation.  And you let it go that he went to the bedroom.  

    I believe you will soon enjoy the quiet and peace with him in his room, and come to appreciate the fact that he is not speaking, meaning he  is not showing anger in words directed at you.

    I hope with some time off you were able to nap with the daughter.  To help catch up on some sleep.  

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