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Day 39 round 4 Love Endures

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I think at this point in my journey this dare is going to be a little hard for me. So much has been happening that at times I dont even want to tell my husband how I feel because I know how it will be received.  Only because of God I believe he came home last nite, later than usual but he came home. I think he walked home because he would not answer my calls about giving him a ride. He did not eat the dinner I had in the refrigerator her went and got something else. We did not speak two words to each other, but I was ok with it suprisingly because I was thankful he was home. We slept in seperate rooms like usual but again I just stopped and thanked God that he was home and not someplace else. Now I know there is still a chance that he may be getting something together so he can leave but I am trying to not think about that and be glad and thankful that we are still under the same roof no matter what the current circumstances are. He had to go to work at 7 today so I asked my dad to drop me off at work so he could take the truck and would not have to walk. In my eyes this is me showing him kindness even if he doesnt see it that way. Its the best I can do for him because he doesnt allow me to show or do much.  I didnt speak to him this morning other than saying I have a ride to work my dad is taking me. I also had a shirt ironed for him but he chose to iron another one. 

Today is going to be hard when I write my letter. There is so much that has happened that sometimes I wonder if it is even worth trying anymore. Then I remember that we have done way worse to God than any man has done to us and that I need to remain kind and loving and live thru Christ and put all my faith in God and remember that the big picture here is not what I get back from my husband or dont get back but the love I will receive from God thru this journey and this is the only love that I need, to keep my focus on God because Gods love is unconditional and he never leaves us or makes us feel pain like our spouses can. I have to remember that thru all this I am to learn to love my husband the way God loves him and see him the way God sees him.  It mite be a extra hard dare but I will complete it today.  Praying that I have a good day...

  • You're finding comfort in God.  Terrific.  The hard dares allow more growth.  Glad you are choosing to do the dare.

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