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Day 38 second post

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So a side not to my first post today, when I went outside this morning he was asleep in the truck since he didnt have his keys to come back in. I opened the door and he looked at me and said where is my work shirt, you didnt iron one.  ????? was I supposed to after how he walked out last nite. I got in the truck and said when you are ready to go I am ready to go to work.  He went in the house and got ready for work and then came outside and proceeded to walk to work. I offered him a ride and he refused so I just went on to work. My dad texted me later saying he saw him walking and pulled over and gave him a ride he said he asked him if everything was ok and he said yep my dad said you sure and he said yep.  I texted him a little while ago asking if he wanted a ride home and have not gotten a response. I have prayed a good bit today and am trying to just be content in the house with the kids and not think about things. I am trying to leave it all to God. I feel a little relieved that he knows how I feel about things even though it made a bigger mess and now I have to leave it to God and trust that in his hands everything will be ok one way or the other. I have tried to not reach out to anyone today telling them what has happened because I dont want to hear the usual let him go, move on, get a boyfriend blah blah. I still choose to love him despite this and am still trying to believe the best....Will contine to pray....

  • Keep leaving things to God.  and do not let your emotions lead you.  Sometimes it feels like they all have to come out, such as you had mentioned earlier, but when you feel that way, stay in prayer till you are confident you are leaving it all to Christ and you can control your emotions and bite your tongue.  

    Consider this.  Next time he needs a ride from work, instead of asking him if you can pick him up or if he would like a ride, just call or text that you will be at his work place to get him when he's done with work unless he lets you know otherwise.    That may be the way I have handled things in the past.  It may not be the best way, so do what you think is best, especially after praying on it.

    It sounds like he will be coming home.  If so and he goes straight to his room, do not let it get to you and remember to thank God he came home.

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