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Day 25 Forgiving him

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Today is day 25 and I am supposed to forgive my husband and let things go. I feel like over the past 6 months I have choosen to forgive him for a lot of things, possible cheating though he will never admit it, talking to and receiving inappropriate pictures from women on facebook, leaving me and the kids and not coming home for a few weeks and me not even knowing where he was, countless times he has been rude, hateful and sometimes verbally abusive, choosing his friends and bike club over me and the kids during important times in our lives etc. All of these things I have choosen to forgive him for and have choosen to still try to find the best in our situation and to love him despite his actions.  Today I am going to choose to forgive him once again for the way he has been behaving and the hurtful things he has said to me recently out of anger or hurt or whatever he is feeling. I am going to choose to forgive him for the attention that he feels like he needs from other women which I think is a big part of the problems we have. He looks to others for validation so to speak and everything is stress free and fun when communicating with them and then our real world reality of life, kids and stress sets in and he can only see the bad when it comes to us. I am choosing to forgive him for being so distant and unwilling to work on our marriage at this point. These are things that I have to let go of an focus on the postive in my life.  I have noticed that when I am upset with him about a particular thing or how he is being towards me it can sometimes flow over to how I treat people, I get angry and more frustrated easily and this cannot happen so I need to let these things go. 

  • Keep applying what you've learned in the dares.  It will overflow to others.  And your testimony will be seen by even more people.

    As you continue to forgive him you are also leaving him to have to deal with Christ.  That sure beats you potentially fighting  him over all the things you can't change in him or letting the hurts build in you.

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