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Day 24 No more lusting

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Today I am supposed to get rid of any lust that I have in my life, and honestly I dont feel like I have any except for wanting attention from my husband and wishing he would pay attention to me and act like I exist. This is a big lust of mine, because everyday I hope that he pays some sort of attention to me or affection or anything at this point. I know that I am supposed to look to God for comfort and acceptance, but it is hard when the person that you love is rite in front of you and ignoring you on purspose. It has been one of the most hurtful things I have had to learnt to endure because my husband has always been loving and nurturing and now he is cold and distanct and hateful. I wonder if at times this is how life is always going to be. I try not to focus on the bad and believe that all this is for a reason and that one day we will be past this season, but then again I guess I need to also accept my reality which is he probably will never ever treat me that way again and I am going to have to fully look to God for all the things that I once looked to my husband for. This is still a hard thing for me to do 4 rounds of the love dare later......

  • The great thing is your choosing to go God's route.  That has a lot to be said.  

    Not sure if this helps.  But it did me.  I found great relief in the times she just ignored me vs the belittling and venomous times.  If  you can find peace in the quiet times, thank God for that.

    Do not have any expectations that this may be the way it always will be.  That gives evil to much credit and limits in your mind what Christ can do.

    If I remember, lust is desiring something forbidden, if so, then desiring your husband's attention is not lust.  But if you are desiring his attention more so than comfort from Christ, in my mind, that would be idolizing the attention you desire.

  • I see you posed this awhile ago.  I wonder where you are in your journey now.  

    I'm struggling with this one, too.  The first time I did the Love Dare, I took Facebook and Messenger off of my phone, but eventually put them back on, because my ex-fiance and I communicated that way. I'm thinking about taking it off again to remove them from my life, because they might be considered lustful.  

    I too am at that point where I don't know what I lust after more than him - except maybe, I worry about money a lot, and I know that bothered him some, when I was kind of a Nazi over my money.  I've worked hard on not mentioning "I don't have money for that."

    I did have a conversation with a friend today, that reminded me that love is about his needs not mine.  And she sees me wanting to get back together with him, and going after that continuously.  She essentially told me to put God in my heart and focus on what he needs - which he keeps saying is time and space.  That's what love is about.  So perhaps my lust is that I want to satisfy my needs by getting back together with him.  Instead I need to satisfy his needs and give him time and space.

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