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Love is faithful...round 4

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Tosay is day 22 and I am supposed to commit to love even if my spouse is not.  This is a pretty approriate dare for the day.  He has been home from the hospital since Tuesday and he has gone rite back into his old ways. I realize he is hurting and not feeling good. The day he came home he was very grumpy and barking orders left and rite and of course nothing I did was correct, I was hitting every bump in the road (actually was not) it was too cold in the house, why didnt I clean up the bedroom ( he has told me to not touch his stuff and all his clothes and stuff are always all over) didnt want any phone calls from anyone, I had to call all his family and let them know he did not want to be bothered, then the kids were too loud, then he didnt like the type of gatorade I had bought, so basically his first nite home was miserable. The past few days have not gotten much better. I am getting up in the middle of the nite to make sure he is taking his antibiotic, and pain medication, he has started keeping up with his own pain medication because he is taking it earlier than he is supposed to and I have told him he is going to run out. Well fast forward to today. He wanted to let some of the people from his bike club come over and see him well he got up this morning and proceeded to tell me that the house was a wreck and that I need to get my priorites straight. Mind you I have been working two jobs still all this week and taking care of him and the house .  I took our daughter to the library and when I got home he was cleaning the bedroom.  Well somewhere in this process he has lost his pain medication and I have beent rying to help him find it and he is getting more and more angry and saying that my problem is I cant let things go and I have to have the last word and its my fault he lost it because the room was messy.  Maybe this is a blessing in disguise somehow, maybe he will get better faster, I dont know but I know that it was not my fault.  I'm choosing to love today despite his nasty mood. I am choosing to believe the best despite how he is being towards me. I think a little bit of his mood is because no one has come to visit him and everyone calls and texts me not him. I dont know what is going on in his head but I am going to choose to believe the best in the situation.  Before I came to type this I told him that I choose to love him no matter what and he said I dont care damn.  He is a very angry person I pray for him that is all I can do. 

  • Hey Mdarby.  I know what you are going through.  About 5 years ago, my husband had tore some tendons in his leg and had to have the same surgery 3 times because he would not listen to the doctor and stay off of it.  One thing you could do to help him with the pain is to see if the doctor would allow him to take Motrin in between the narcotic pain meds.  This way it last longer.  I had surgery 2 months ago and this is what I did.  

  • Remember, he is in pain.  Is it right what he is doing? No.  But just focus on  The Lord.  Praying for you.

  • As for as the house.  Just clean the areas where company will be and if the kids are old enough, have them help.

  • You are using your free will correctly.  you are choosing to do the right things.  Keep choosing everything in Christ's will in your life and marriage.  As you stay in Christ's will even through all the things he is doing, Christ sees and will bring you more graces to bring you closer to Him.  Good somehow will come from all of this.  Somehow, someway.  All we can say is God's way and in God's time.  

    He is in pain and frustrated.  You are the only one he can take it out on.  Take non of it personally.  It is even harder to do when you are physically and mentally tired.  Try to sleep as much as you can.  I am sure that is difficult to do and find enough time for it.

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