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Day 17 round 4 post 2!

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Well I went by the hospital before work and my husband now has pneumonia and will be in there a few more days.  I went to work even though I wanted to stay and be with him.  While I was there I did do a few things I helped him walk a little and got him some gatorade and waited for the doctor to come in. He texted me periodically thru the day to let me know that his temp was up and that he was feeling really bad and then I went back up after work and he was laying in bed with a temp of 102.9 and had the shakes and was sweating and was in horrible pain.  I sat with him while his pain medication kicked in and got him some more gatorade and was putting cold cloths on his head.  I did tell him I love you when I left and he just said um hmm.  I'm praying that he can get over all of this and start to feel better. In the past when he had a surgery he would bounce back pretty quick this time he is having the hardest time he has ever had. I didnt get to complete my dare today because he was in an out of it when I was there and it was just not a good time to do the dare. I will try to complete on another day when he is able to listen and be alert.  In the meantime I will continue my prayers for him as an individual and my daily prayers for myself as well as thank God for all that is still good...

  • Maybe God had this dare fall on this day because He knew it would not be able to be completed.   Don't try to force this dare on a future day.  

  • Prayers for you!

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