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Day 36 round 2 feeling frustrated with life

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Today is day 36 of my 2nd round and I am starting to get really frustrated with life as a whole. I am commiting to reading the bible daily as well as devotionals and also some books on marraige restoration. I am feeling frustrated today at a lot of situations in my life. It seems like I cannot catch a break at all. My husband is still in his nasty mood and is being extra abrasive and distant. Today it was raining really bad and he rode his bike to work.  
I was working a double at the restaurant I started at and texted him asking if he wanted me to come and pick him up since it was raining so bad. He replied no I dont need you, dont worry about me.  This was hurtful to me, my husband has always relied pretty heavy on me for a lot of things and now he doesnt. He makes it seem like he does not want me involved in his life at all and that hurts.

I also go into an arguement with my mom not once but twice today over the use of the car, both of my parents seem to think that because we let them use the car that no one else ever needs it. As a matter of fact last nite my husband needed the car and my dad had it till around 9 and needless to say this caused my husband to get mad at me...of course who else woulod he be mad at

I have found myself crying a lot this past week. I miss the happy person my husband used to be and I have prayed that God help him find his happiness again even if that means him leaving me and the kids. I hate seeing him so miserable, I feel like it is all my fault even though I know it isnt, he is obviously struggling with something that he is not willing to share with me. It is hurtful the way he acts towards me. I have been turning to God asking him for strength and knowledge and Gods will in my husbands life for him, I want him to be happy again.

I have this feeling in my gut that he will not be home tonight....


  • When you feel overwhelmed go to prayer, even if it is a lot. God is wanting you to depend on Him, not only for guidance but for your comfort. Seek in prayer for God to fill all your voids with the Holy Spirit.

    As for your husband. Just do the dare. No more no less, leave him to Christ. Focus on your praying, reading, worship and just building that personal walk in Christ. Trust me, Christ will handle everything while you wait on Him.

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