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Love promotes Intimacy R2

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9/15  went for my run this morning 7 AM we got to see my husband for a little bit is really happy and thankful for that.


After a run we went to the club to drink or shakes and he showed up while later with his daughter. My mom and I were sitting at a table, he sat next to me,so I was in between not my mom and him, he started mentioning that he had gone to this party for his ex’s niece , he ran into one of their old friends there. She had already had a little bit too much to drink.  She asked him why he was alone and he told her that I was home. She asked him “did you see whose over there ?” and pointed to his ex and said “how much do you want to bet that you and her are going to end up getting back together”  he told her that he would never get back with her and just left it like that.

the next day his ex-wife called him and asked if he had spoken to this lady and he said he had and wanted to know why s he was she was asking.

She said “well she told me that you wanted to get back with me is it true” and he said “you know what no! that’s not true if Maria and my marriage don’t work out I you’re the last person I would get back with “ I sat there and listened he was telling my mom but obviously wanted me to hear ,  he was saying it in a low voice for his daughter not hear  him. He didn’t say anything I just listened and kept it in...

made me happy to hear him say what he told her about not getting back with her and also that “if” we don’t work on our marriage that “if” gives me happiness some hope and I pray on that “if”. after that  we sat there for a little longer and he asked if I was going to put the tonight‘s fight at our house and I said yes and he just laughed and I said no I’m not...

 When his daughter came to the table a song came on and he started dancing and he said I want to find me a Cuban girlfriend and his daughter just smiled and I looked at her and I looked at him and I started talking like a Cuban girl and we all started laughing it was just silly... it felt so good just to laught , to make him laugh...

 I miss him my  weekends are not the same without him...

my sons Godmother  called to invite us over to watch the fight, they don’t know that we’re not together.

I kind of feel like inviting him asking if he would like to join us, I know not to do more than what the dare is for today... i will continue to pray for our marriage .! 

  • I'm pretty tired and really not thinking real well.  So, maybe my response would be different if I wasn't so tired.  

    you are right, keep to a dare a day is pretty good way of doing things.  but, he is your husband.  If you ask him to go see the fight, and you haven't been going over a dare a day for a while, it may be a good thing to let him know he's welcome to come along.  Pray about doing anything over a dare a day.  

    YOu could have chose to follow emotions and gotten upset about the Cuban girl comment.  It's good you led your heart and didn't let your emotions lead you.  I think in round one you would have reacted differently.  It's good you chose to do a second round.  

  • Kudos sister, praise God for the changes seen in you. God is working in him, he sees the changes in you also, press into God's amazing grace and thank him for loving you.

    praying for you sister.

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