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Love is Kindness

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Kindness graces a wife with the ability to serve her husband without worrying about her rights.

 Day 2 Love  is Kind. 

This morning my husband sent me a text message of the picture of a tattoo that he got in memory of his mother.

I replied and said “it’s  beautiful Im happy to see that you finally had got it done” . I know how much he’s been wanting that particular tattoo. He replied”thanks Mary”

a couple of days ago my mom mentioned that she had talk to my husband and he had told her that he was missing his mom and had asked my mom if you can come over to give her a hug, he was feeling down and just needed a motherly hug. my mom said yes she said  he can stop by anytime, she loves him like a son. 

So with that and the tattoo and I have been thinking about this for a while m; I found this really cool mug at Sam’s Club it’s a solid black color but when you pour the hot water it starts revel the picture that’s underneath. I have a picture of his mom and him. It’s actually the last picture they took before she passed. I think this will be a kind gesture to give him, something that every morning when he has his cup of coffee his mom will be right there . 

The Challenge.: 

He did call me just a while ago he said he wanted to talk to me about his roommates babies mom I guess my husband has her on Snapchat and shes been taking a couple of screenshots of what he posts and he thought it was just weird and he mentioned it to the roommate and the roommate told him to be careful because you know they’re having some problems, she’s trying to get more child-support....... . 

For for some reason my husband Thought maybe she had or would call me just to see if we’re together,  if my husband is paying rent. ? 

I told him no I don’t talk to this girl I mean I know who she , I don’t have social media..  he proceeded to and said “ guess what “  me : what ? 

Him “ I have a girlfriend and she is Columbian and she is short and dark skin” ugh.! 

I just I get giggled and just said oh well congratulations LOL. 

Then he said “I’m kidding “

“ we’re joining the challenge my daughter and I.” I said oh good, im glad you decide to.” 


My challenge: 

I want to be happy And am some what happy that their joining. 

One. it’s good for his daughter she’ll be able to lose weight 

Two . I know he wants to also lose weight and they will both motivate each other 

Lastly . It makes me feel great that seeing me, how much energy and how healthy I feel and look is motivating them.                                                                       



However about a week ago my husband and I were talking and he said he was thinking about joining the next challenge but he wanted to be VERY clear with me , he didn’t want me to think wrong or think differently . you know he basically telling me not to get my hopes up that him and I would get back together just because he was joining  and we would be maybe seen each other daily. he then asked me how I was going to introduce him to the people.?  he asked if I could introduce him as my cousin  instead of my husband. .! 

  Since that day I’ve been praying to God that he not allow my husband to joint if this is going to be more difficult to be around each other if I’m gonna be uncomfortable and it’s going to hurt. On the other hand I did offer to take his daughter on the days he can’t... he said she wants to join because myself and the group motivate her.

  • Pray diligently. I am going to tell you why.

    He is not done. Not by any means. But his pride is standing in the way. As you grow in Christ he will be convicted, and he will not jump into the situation quick.

    When it is a woman (roles reversed) it is common for venom etc.. Because we should have always had this love in us, and to them it took wanting to leave to change it. As for men, we take it a little better than the women, but we still have our ways of trying to feel things out. We do it by what would hurt us, jealousy, hence the comment about the colombian, we will go to a mother and get a hug (although that could have been completely legit) But there are many ways he will test the waters to ensure that security that he can still come back.

    My advice is focus completely in the dares. Grow in your walk so that you can be a bigger and bigger testimony for him to see. And trust me, if you commit him to Christ, then I am certain he will be brought to his knees, the real question is can he accept it? And this could be precisely what God is preparing you for.

  • As Sean said "Pray Diligently" but remember not to do it in selfishness, God knows your wants, desires and needs better than you do (Psalm 139 "before a word is on my lips you know it completely oh Lord") God is working on your husband and you, be thankful to God for the time it takes to resolve this trial.

  • It's kind of pathetic how he's acting always bringing up that he has a girlfriend.  But it's just as Sean said.

    If he joins, just be the best you, you can be in Christ.  It will be a time for him to  further see your testimony.  But the challenge for  you will be not to use seeing him daily as a way to bring  his car up to yours, for you to try to  fix things yourself.  

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