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Day 36 Love is God’s word.

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I’ve been reading the Bible almost daily for the last week and a half .  i just started reading from the beginning. 

Can anyone tell me what devotional book I can purchase ? I don’t mean to sound ignorant this is all fairly new, I go to church but as far as reading the Bible this is my first time.

I would like to ask my husband about doing bible reading, would it be ok if it was done I’ve rthe phone.? 

Last Sunday I asked him if he wanted to go to church with me he didn’t , he went to another church with his kids. A church he had not been to in a while, he stopped going there because he liked the one I go to. 


Greatest parts in my life that needs Gods counsel are patients, love , understanding. I ask him to show me to stay faithful . 

I don’t want to feel like I need my husband to be content and motivational. 

I need God to feel and be this person I’ve been. I need God , I want God. 


  • Amazon has plenty. I got mine from a grocery store though. Be open to what you read in the word of God. If you don't understand something and have questions don't hesitate to ask. One of us will try our best to help you.

  • I try not to bring up denominations here.  but if I remember you're Catholic.  Sorry if I am remembering incorrectly.  If so, look in the vestibule (entrance) of the church.  Most Catholic churches have some low cost or free devotionals in a display..  One devotional I think is called The Word Among Us.  It has the daily Mass readings (from the Old Testiment, New Testiment, and the Gospels).  Along with a daily devotional based on the daily readings.  It helps to have this devotional during Mass.  It's easier to follow the readings in this devotional vs what's usually in the pews.

  • there is a great devotional I use called "the believers daily renewal" if you get it, get 1986 or older. other than that ask around I know I have probably 10 different devotionals around the house that I have used once or not at all. some one at your church may have some you could try.

  • As Tessy said any one of us will do our best to help you understand. God gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us the hidden mysteries of God in Christ Jesus, also Jesus is called the Word, listen to the words as if Jesus is speaking directly to you.

  • Thank you Tessy, Tim!

    Josh I look it up I’m going to go by Barnes and noble tomorrow if I can’t find it there I can order it from amazon.!

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