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Yesterday I had my fifth challenge, a 2 mile run, my body is exhausted from Sunday’s hike. 

My knee is feeling a little better. I ran  2 miles in 25 minutes. I got home around 8:30 PM took a shower and went to bed, I woke up around 12:40 AM to the sound of my son looking for the TV remote. I checked my phone and had a text message at 10:40 for my husband!

“ Hello.. Are you asleep?”

I responded at 12:45 “hello. Sorry yes I fell asleep”

He didn’t respond, this morning still no response and worried because my husband works on call most of the time I decided to call him. He answered and I started off “good morning, how are you, is everything OK?”

He responded good morning yes. I said I replied to your message but was worried because you didn’t respond. He said he was asleep by then. He had sent me  a text me because he saw me running yesterday on the trail next to the highway. I said I asked really? He said “i was there too. “I laughed, he said “no I saw a friend post a picture of the group from yesterday’s run on Facebook”. I laughed and said “yes that was yesterday earlier in the day.” He asked how it went I said “it went well , my knee is a little better”, we spoke just a few more words than I said “OK well I’m glad everything is OK, you have a great day” he said you too. I did this because he stayed quiet I sometimes don’t know what to say I want to ask questions but I don’t wanna be too pushy so I have to hold myself back.

This morning I received a call from my supervisor Asking how I was doing, she called to make me an offer, I will be meeting her this afternoon to go over the offer , I’m so excited, I know I would do well in this. The only thing I’m not too happy with what she’s offering to pay me considering I would run two properties and only make a 2 dollars more than the previous manager who was only running one property. 

I miss talking  to my husband I miss being able to call him with things like this at anytime and him always listening and supporting my decisions ... 

I know that I need to seek God. I will continue to pray that all goes well this afternoon either I take the job or I run 😊


  • One of the things the Lord is teaching me is the right place to find my validation. I know how you feel though not being able to bounce things off your spouse. God wants to be all of that for you, just talk to him about it and wait, he will answer in his time and his answer is better than any answer you could get from any human being.

  • Stay vigilant in not doing more than a dare a day.  That phone call you made after he didn't respond to you.   We so often call under the guise we are calling to see if they are okay.  We may be wondering if they are, but we really call just to talk to them. To make contact with them.  To let our spouse fill the void we have instead of letting God completely fill that void.

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