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Day 20- Love is Jesus Christ

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Love this deep cannot be fully understood.!  

Never did I think I would be going threw this, the first couple of dares were easy, I will admit I came here wanting to better my marriage, to save my marriage, I came into this  thinking this was about my husband, but boy was I wrong. Today day 20 I don’t have that anxiety, I don’t feel this void, I don’t feel lost. I do questions somethings but when I take a deep breath and take step back he comes to me. I already have a few friends that I will gifting them A copy to.

I love my husband and yes I want my marriage to work, do I want us to get back together? Of course, but I know that I first need to love God and completely allow him into my heart before anything. I became this selfish, careless, heartless person. I was ugly. Now I’m feeling my old self again, caring , loving, helpful. this help me grow with God in all things. My work for example, I no longer complain as much ... ( I’m still learning) I don’t stress out easily,.

with my mother I’m learning to be patient and listen to her and answer her loud and clear with out getting frustrated . 

Today he has shown me that through him ALL things are possible.... 

i don’t wake up anxiously wanting to read the dare to see if it’s one where I gave to talk to my husband... the last couple of days I’ve actuallly woken up First thank him for another day (this I’ve done for a while now) I pray and read my morning prayer. I ask him to watch over us and to guide us in the right direction. Then I read the dare for the day. I don’t rush to doing it , I read the dare as many times as I want or need to before completing it.! 

God is great.! 

  • Your testimony is loud and clear, I am so glad that God allowed me to watch you become who you have become. This is not the old you, the old you was a shell that covered the scarred and selfish little girl that started the dares, this is the new creation in Christ that is now learning to live in surrender to God, this is the new you.

    Prayers sister.

  • Josh. Thank you for your words..

    I’m 34 years old and in the past years I can tell you I felt like a 20 something girl, immature . Now I feel my age, my attitude, the way I handle things... the way I handled the conversation with my supervisor today was great, I don’t get nervous and talk over her. I’m noticing so much change in me, I’m keeps my my word in things. I come up with solutions maybe not as quickly as I’d like but I am. It’s amazing, God is amazing.! I can’t wait till Friday to attend prayer I’m really considering speaking, but I get emotional and my voice breaks lol and I get shy.!

  • We all come here to fix our marriage.  But, as you discovered, it really is about growing and being molded in Christ.  That's terrific you've realized this and you are seeing changes in you.  Even if your husband doesn't admit to changes as often as you think he should, he sees the changes. you do not have to point out the changes in you.  

  • When you share the book, many people will not take it seriously like you did.  But it is good to share your testimony the way you feel led to.

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