Collaborate without boundaries
  • Love is not jealous

    Today I wrote him an email, I had too much to say for a voicemail. I started with what I was supposed to do for the dare and that I'm proud of him for his integrity and perserverence. I let him know again that I was happy for the new shop and that...
  • Love believes the best

    My positive list was much easier and outweighed the negative list by far. I tried to call him to thank him for being an honorable man, he has blocked my number. However, not being someone who is easily deterred, I dialed *67 and called again. I left him...
  • Love is not irritable

    Irritable doesn't even scratch the surface of how I've been the last few months. Between leaving my job before having another one, moving, extra monumental expenses, adjusting to third shift, not sleeping, eating or exercising right and worrying...
  • Love is not rude

    This will be a day of reflection and reinforcing the previous dares since contacting him when he doesn't want to hear from me would be rude. I've thought about things I have done in the past that could be considered to him as rude. The only thing...
  • Love is thoughtful

    It has definitely been a thought provoking day. I've had to be on high alert, Satan has been trying to squirm is way into my thoughts. Immediately, I pray for God's protection and feel peace. I've been praying for Ron a lot, as well. He has...
  • Love is Selfless

    Today has been enlightening. It finally sunk in that by sending him messages, I wasn't being patient. I've always had a hard time with "let go and let God" even when I know without a doubt that He is the only way and that His timing...
  • Day 2

    I'm really not sure how to put this day into practice since we don't live in the same house and he still isn't speaking to me. The Lord has definitely been speaking though, and opening my eyes, to which I am thankful.
  • Christmas 2017

    It is easy not to say anything negative when your partner won't even speak to you. I have sent him text messages and facebook posts daily just to say good morning or that I love him. We are both too stubborn for our own good, he blocked me from his...
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