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Love is not jealous

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Today I wrote him an email, I had too much to say for a voicemail. I started with what I was supposed to do for the dare and that I'm proud of him for his integrity and perserverence. I let him know again that I was happy for the new shop and that I prayed for the continued growth and success of his business and that it was the only new achievement I was aware of. I took it a step further and listed previous achievements; his election to town council, the way he overcame his handicap, that he taught me what true love is and made me feel loved and that he took what was transitional housing for my daughter and I and made it feel more like a home. I told him that I am proud of him for these and so much more. I was planning to limit it to being strictly about the dare, but wasn't able to do that. I told him that tis time apart still breaks my heart, however, I'm thankful for all that God is doing in each of us. And that once we get through this test, we will have an amazing testimony that will make it worth the wait. And that when he is ready to come home, I will be waiting for him, because he is more than worth the wait.

  • The waiting can feel like an eternity.  But as you continue, and continue to see the growth in you, it can become easier, because of the peace of Christ sustaining you.

    Continue in what the dares teach.

  • Keep thinking positive about your spouse.

    The testimony after making it through this will be amazing. Especially after reconciliation. Either way God gets all the glory.

    The waiting is terrible for our human minds. Just remember God works in His time and we can never understand His time. All we can do is continue to worship Him always and love our spouses unconditionally.

    “The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness."

    Jeremiah 31:3

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