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My positive list was much easier and outweighed the negative list by far. I tried to call him to thank him for being an honorable man, he has blocked my number. However, not being someone who is easily deterred, I dialed *67 and called again. I left him a voicemail that simply said "Thank you for being the honorable man that you are." If this would have happened even a week ago, I would have reacted so differently. I know that I would have said something stupid that I would regret. Instead, I feel at peace. I keep hearing the same verse over an over in my head: Therefore, what God has joined together, let know no man set apart. Mark 10:9.

Thank You, Jesus! For encouragement and new hope!

  • Even a week ago you mentioned......           how quickly the dares change all of us when we do them the best we can.  And isn't it crazy we have church, the bible, etc all going for us from day one, yet it's this trial that brings us closer to God.  So in all of this as we are to be joyful in everything, remember to thank God, just as you did in your last sentence.  

    That's a creative way to do the dare.  

    That peace you feel is beyond understanding.  What a gift you were given to be in that peace.  

  • I feel as you do... that man cannot separate what God has put together. That's why I feel like I will be alone if my wife leaves until she decides to come back... if she decides to come back.

    My positive list was much longer also. It's fascinating to think that we are in this situation when there was always so much positive there to begin with. We are all (us and spouses) at fault in this. It's too bad that only those of us on here are willing to work it out. I imagine it hurts God's heart to see what is happening in this world, that his creatures won't listen to Him.

    If you're like me every time you interact with your spouse it just makes you angry because you see them as nothing but a sinner. We need to work on this and try instead to be a role model and lead them to or back to Christ through our actions. I know I have a lot to work on.

    "Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together."

    Matthew 19:6

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