Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day:3 love is not selfish..oh boy

    Yes i admit i have been pretty selfish during this process, especially in the beginning. I feel almost renewed by this book, especially this chapter. this chapter spoke to me, made me look at myself and point out areas where i can be selfish in. I usually...
  • day 2: Kindness

    day 2, this day as about kindness and still working on being slow to anger and being patient. Havent been getting much from him still but continuing on this journey. anyways, todays dare was todo one gesture of kindness, which i texted him and told him...
  • Day 1: here we gooo!

    So, Here i am. Starting this journey with much hope and determination that god has given me. I have accepted that i cannot do this without god and i refuse to give up on our Marriage, so much love for him and too many memories to throw away. 1st days...
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