Collaborate without boundaries

Day:3 love is not selfish..oh boy

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Yes i admit i have been pretty selfish during this process, especially in the beginning. I feel almost renewed by this book, especially this chapter. this chapter spoke to me, made me look at myself and point out areas where i can be selfish in. I usually am not very selfish but this seperation has brought up some so it is a area for me to constantly work on..Today's dare was to buy him something to show him that i am thinking of him. I bought him a starwars book.. Which he has always loved.  He texted me late at night and told me i didnt do anything wrong for him to ignore me, he said he isnt ready to talk again and is dealing with alot mentally. and I remembered to refrain from any negative comments and i simply said to please God in.  This book is keeping me from alot of negative feelings. thank you God for leading me to this book!

  • Keep seeing how the dares expose your flesh and how to learn to love as Christ loves.

    Keep giving him space, and don't worry about anything negative he may say.  

    As you do the dares, he will feel Christ working in him.  He may fight it, but he can't ignore it.

  • Remember when in doubt, lean on The Lord.  Ask Him to guide you daily.  Prayers to you.

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