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day 2: Kindness

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day 2,

this day as about kindness and still working on being slow to anger and being patient. Havent been getting much from him still but continuing on this journey. anyways, todays dare was todo one gesture of kindness, which i texted him and told him since he has been stressed with work and life, i bought him dinner for him and his buddy.  He texted back and said thank you and that i didnt have to do that. the daytime is easy to continue to be patient and kind but cmes after work it gets difficult cause i look forward to his calls/texts at night. This is all hard to do when you are not feeling wanted by the man you love the most but i m focusing on this journey with god in the mean time. hoping later today goes smoothly. i do get excited for myself, oddly, that im doing what is right in Gods eyes by still hanging in there and pursuing unconditional love. 

  • Doing the dares the way they are meant to do them, helps you grown in Christ.  You learn by doing things that may be uncomfortable or foreign to you.  One day you will "get it"  and wish you had been like this all the time before.  Each dare builds on a previous one.  So keep in mind previous dares each time you do another.

    Did you read the appendix about leading the heart?

  • Hi Snaz,

    Yes i did. That is one of the things that really stuck out to me. easy to read but difficult to apply

  • Have no expectations from him for now such as texts, calls.  Seek all your comfort from Christ, not your husband.  

  • I can totally relate to wanting to hear from him and all. When you have this feelings, just seek comfort from God. Eventually you'd see how you grow in Him.

    PRAISE God for a completed dare.

  • thank you all:)

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