Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 7 - Two Lists

    Husband is still on his work trip so today I made 2 lists and hid them in my drawer at work. I text him 1 positive thing and he read it right away but didn't respond. Yesterday I also sent him an email telling him I loved him and asking him again...
  • Day 6

    Well today I was a bit relieved to wake up and find Day 6 I didn't have to contact him for any reason. Today I could just focus on myself and own thoughts. Even so, I text him this morning to wish him a good day and tell him that I loved him. He text...
  • Lost

    He says he was always destined to be alone and it is because he is not a good person or a good husband. I told him our biggest problem is I want to spend more time together, yet he thinks he is a bad person. He thinks he has let me down. All of this because...
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