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I've been battling thoughts all night and most of today.  I was  in Hobby Lobby and at some point just said, "God, when will I stop obsessing over my husband?  Why can't I just obsess over You like that?  What part of the thoughts bombarding my brain is focusing on You?" 

 I walked by an aisle and glanced at some crosses and printed on one was:  {2 Chronicles 20:17  You will not have to fight this battle.}  I was like, are you kidding me?  Kept walking and glanced over at some metal art and printed on one was: {You will not have to fight this battle.}  I'm shaking my head in wonder.  Walked a couple steps and glanced down and again saw a metal plaque with: {You will not have to fight this battle.}  I knew it the first time, but God knew I needed to 'hear' it more than once.  I really, really needed to know He is fighting for me today.

I am so tired of thoughts of my husband slamming my brain from all directions.  What part of I want God to be the desire of my heart didn't the enemy understand?  I am understanding more every day what Paul meant when he said don't grow weary in well doing.  He knew.  He experienced it, I'm sure.  Maybe not in the way I'm experiencing it, but he knew.  I'm thankful for the second part of that too:" for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

In Christ Jesus, I won today.

One day at a time... 

  • I find it amazing when we are at our lowest, God will give us a sign or something pops out at us that is just what we needed in an answer or encouragement. God is so Amazing. He is getting us through this.

  • He gave me a new strategy last night as well for when the thoughts pop in my head...I am looking up the names of God, what they mean and scripture related to each name.  I am writing them in a journal and meditating on the scripture and meanings of His names.  Have 4 in the journal so far and got an amazing nights sleep free of troubling thoughts and dreams!   Yes, Tami, God is so amazing and He is getting us through this!  :)

  • If I remember correctly, a book written by the same authors that wrote LD had a huge list of other names God goes by.  ,

    I have been wondering too, how to have God on my mind always, and have all thoughts and actions and words filter through Him first.

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