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As I was having my morning quiet time with God, one of the devotional scriptures was Jeremiah 17:7.  I read on to 8 and thought, "This is what I've been praying!"  I've been asking God to make me like a tree planted by water...cause my roots to go deep, deep, deep so that nothing can shake my trust in Him; and I've prayed for fruit.  I want to bear much, much fruit!!  I've lived most of my born-again life looking out for myself, doing only what is convenient and comfortable for me and I've been like the seed planted by the road that when the cares of the world grew up around me like thorns, choked out any fruit that might have come from my life.  I want more.  I sat this morning after reading the scripture and cried and cried.  I want to be this tree!!  {Jeremiah 17:7-8  'But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.  They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.  It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.  It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.'}  I want to be this tree!!

 I found myself rejoicing in the work God is doing in me through this drought...through this heat.  I found myself asking God to make me like this tree, so that in the worse circumstances, He brings forth fruit from this tree because I trust in Him!  I want the fruit to bloom and drop off me like raindrops because my roots are so deeply grounded in Christ, I cannot be shaken loose.

 I find I am so tired of being tossed about by my emotions, by my suspicions of what may or may not be going on with my husband.  I'm so tired of being double-minded and fearful of a future I have no control over.  I told God I do not like the pain.  I do not  like how any of this feels.  I told God, though, if this is what it takes to make me different; to change my heart, then I will gladly endure it as long as He changes me, changes my heart.

  I have decided to give up the desire of my heart and I asked God to become my desire.  Him and Him only.  I still have the peace I had yesterday when I typed my other entry.  I am at peace and my heart feels light.

Also!!  I am considering purchasing a house!!  :)  I have to get these dogs out of this apartment and I would love a place to entertain the new friends I am making in my Sunday morning Bible study class.  I would love to be able to invite the whole class over for dinner and game night or just fellowship time!  I have found a house I would love to have, but am praying if for some reason it is not a good fit for me, for God to sell it out from under me.

 I am moving forward, still trusting God, still honoring my marriage covenant, but no longer obsessing about it.

 That is today.  Tomorrow will worry about itself.

 Happy Saturday everyone!  Hang in there! 

  • You hit the nail on the head.  the true desire of our heart is God.  I think the more our true desires are of Him, the less we really desire worldly things.  I mentioned I think you have gained another level of endurance.  Now I think you have gained another level of joy, that can only come from Christ.  With His light shining in you, you won't have a problem having all the company you want in the house when you get one.

    i pray your husband sees Christ's light in you, and that becomes the desires of his heart.

  • Hey Linda, you are showing tremendous growth!  God is doing a great work in you!  Prayers and blessings.

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