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Ok, I know this blog is about journaling concerning the Love Dare and our marriages, but I want to just share how my evening went yesterday.

I had tickets for the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show with the concert being Alicia Keys.  A friend was going with me.  We agreed she would meet here at my apartment at 3:00 pm and we would take the rodeo park and ride.  3:00 comes and goes and no friend.  She texts me asking for the address to apartment again.  When I asked where she was, she was clear down on the south side, over 14 miles away.  Now 14 miles doesn't seem all that far, but this is the Houston area and it was between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.  It took her an hour and half to get to my apartment. The rodeo show started at 6:45, so trying to remain optimistic, I'm thinking, "OK, we still have time."

 We drive what should have been about a 20 minute drive to the park and ride.  We actually did not get there until almost 5:30.  Still being optimistic, I get our park and ride arm bands and get in line, which is a very long line.  I reach in my purse to pull out my ticket and no ticket.  Can't find that thing anywhere.  I go back to the car to see if I dropped it there, but didn't find it.  I did, however have the receipt printed out, so still being optimistic, we board the bus with the plan for me to go to ticketing and see if they can let me in with the receipt.

We arrive, finally, to NRG park sometime after 7:30.  I go to ticketing and they can't print me a new ticket because I purchased them from a third party vendor.  The show had a 'sold out' status.  As I was talking the the young man at the ticket booth, he informs me that they just released some more tickets, so I purchase another ticket.

We get inside and start walking to go to the food court and get something to eat.  We cut behind one of the rides at the carnival set up there and graceful me, trips on a cable and do one of those running, fall on your face falls.  My face got so close to the ground, it splashed dirty water and little asphalt pebbles all over my face and in my hair.  (I forgot to mention it had been raining most of the afternoon.)  I landed in a puddle of water that soaked my whole right side from my hip to my boot. I was absolutely humiliated!  But praise God not too hurt physically.  AMEN!  I am not a spring chicken...this ole body cannot take many falls like the one I took last night!  Hahahahaha  So, I'm helped up and we wipe my face off best we can with no napkins or tissue and I found one of the restrooms set up to use and go in and clean up best I can.

We head over to food court to get something to eat.  Sitting there, we notice people heading to the stadium so we assume the concert is getting ready to start, so we toss half our food and head over as well.  I went with my friend to our original seats, thinking if anyone found my ticket, I have the receipt to prove it's my seat and I will simply give them the ticket I purchased at booth to get in and that will solve it all.  No one ever showed up to claim the seat, so it is still a mystery to us where that ticket got off to!  lol

The concert was entertaining.  I had no clue who Alicia Keys was as I only listen to the christian radio station, but was pleasantly suprised that I like her music.  She is a beautiful and talented young woman with a fantastic voice, so I enjoyed the concert.

Took us forever to get out of the stadium after the concert and even longer to work our way across the carnival promenade to find the bus to get back to my car.  The line for the bus was...well...long, go figure.  lol

We make it back to my apartment after midnight.  My friend leaves and I am getting stuff out of my car and lo and behold, she has left her cell phone in my car.  I'm thinking by now, ok, just when I think nothing else can happen...

She showed up this morning to get her phone, so all is settled back in to routine.  I'm a tad sore, got a skinned knee, but no worse for the wear.

Funny thing is, before I left for the rodeo I had prayed that we would just have an evening of fun and laughter and that we'd get there and back safely.  That we would set aside any cares or worries and just relax into the evening.  I got ready and was very pleased with how I looked.  I even took a selfie and sent to my sisters, nieces and daughter.  After I fell in the puddle of water and obliterated my ego, as I was cleaning up my face and pants in the restroom, the thought came to me, "Ah, so this is what it feels like for pride to go before the fall!  Your sense of humor slays me, God."  I got so tickled, it made me giggle.  So, all in all, He answered my prayers.  I was cheap entertainment and we spent a good bit of the evening making jokes and laughing about it.  We got there and back safely and a good time was had by us both in spite of what appeared to be set backs.

God as always is good!  :)

Happy Weekend all!

  • Im soglad you ended up having a fun evening.  Alicia Keys is AWESOME.  Although I am glad your fall wasnt bad I must admit to giggling at your description of the event.  It sounds like something that would happen to me.  I needed a good giggle today so thank you.  God is good and I am glad you are ok.  

  • Im soglad you ended up having a fun evening.  Alicia Keys is AWESOME.  Although I am glad your fall wasnt bad I must admit to giggling at your description of the event.  It sounds like something that would happen to me.  I needed a good giggle today so thank you.  God is good and I am glad you are ok.  

  • before this trial a night like this would have had me ready to rip off my friend's head.  And I would have not enjoyed much of the night, staying angry at my friend's selfishness of being so late and careless.

    But I also realized in the beginning of the LD i would have been really content in all of this. Because when you are hurting, it is much easier to seek Christ's ways.  And I wonder now that I am in Christ's comfort more so, how would i have behaved?  So, you have given me some things to think and pray about.  

    I know I wouldn't have acted like I use to  but......

    I am glad you took this so well.  And got a lesson from God in all of this.  I think it is good to enjoy when you feel good and look good.

  • But in those moments we feel special, we have to keep  God in front of those thoughts as well.

    I kind of laughed too, not at you, but just at your story.  Glad you are ok.  

  • Read your journal again.  A good reminder to remain patient for me.  Thanks.

  • When I began the LD journey, my original prayers were: Change me, God.  Search my heart, God, and if there is anything You are not pleased with, show me so I can confess, repent and turn away from it.   Teach me everything You know I need to learn.   Help me to hear You quickly and clearly.  As the days go by, I find myself in situations that in past I would have been like a ticking time bomb ready to explode my attitude over everyone who was unfortunate

    enough to be near me at the time.  Days I have to take my dogs out and the little one is jumping around yelping like she's having some kind of spasm (should have named her Spaz) and I want to just scream at her to shut up and settle down, but when I feel that reaction welling up in me, I hear the Holy Spirit quietly and gently speak to my soul, "Linda, if you can't be patient with your dogs, how are you ever going to be patient with people?  Your spouse?"  and I'm immediately in check.  Just today I felt myself getting impatient and irritated with drivers on the road and I heard Him speak to me, yet again, "Linda.  If you can't be patient with drivers you do not even know, how are you going to be patient with the people you do know?"  I asked.  He answered.   I am thankful He is changing me.

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