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Just wondering...

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I was sitting here wondering if there has been any success stories on this blog since any of you have been coming here?  I was praying about a week ago for everyone here and asked God to give us one success story.  Of course, by success I mean a marriage restored and moving forward.  The fact we all know Christ as Savior and Lord is a success story in and of itself, but I meant our marriages.  If there is one, who was it?  I'd like to read their journal entry about the day God mended those hearts back together.


  • Wouldn't that be cool...but from what I understand those that experience a renewal or restoration don't really continue to post on the site.  I hope we both...all of us here can change that one day!

  • There have been some.  But most that reconcile do not stay on the site or post about the reconcilliation.

    If you can go to my favorites on my biography page, I think I have a couple that I saved.  but the ones I saved i really havent' read.  But maybe a few there are of reconcilliation.

    Jenn's is a success  story.  She quit posting and started a blog.  i think if you search on line for Fierce Gem you may find her. She had some health issues althogh pretty young, so not sure how she is doing as of late..  

  • I'm going on a date tonight with my wife. Not a reconciliation but a step in the right direction.

  • Pennhiker that is great news.  Its something.  

  • What Part said.  We must have been responding at the same time.  I may be tired and not thinking real clear right now.  But I should have said " journals" I've saved.  I often wonder if what I type comes turns out what I mean.  

    So many people do leave because they didn't look at this as a journey between them and Christ.  And these are the people that don't experience peace.

  • Penniker!  Awesome!!!  

  • Well darn...i should have my glasses I totally renamed you..sorry!  :)

  • It's all good, Linda. I've been called many things.

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