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Reading PrincessLouee's entry made me think of recent information that came to me through my step daughter-in-law.  She and my stepson went to my husband's house a week or so ago and he had been watching a church program on tv.  The sermon was something to the effect of when you ask forgiveness and God forgives you, other people should just let it go too.  He didn't just tell them this once.  She said he kept repeating it, until she finally told him that sometimes people just can't let things go because it takes time for them to process what has been done.  My husband didn't seem to appreciate that, she said.

 I also used to decorate with ornamental crosses.  I can remember my husband commenting to me that he didn't like the crosses and to stop getting so many.  My stepson and his wife were helping my husband hang stuff to decorate some of the walls in the house and they discovered he had purchased quite a few crosses to do a wall of crosses.  My initial reaction was indignation that he would criticize my choice of wall decor, then go and do the exact same thing, but I caught myself and actually laughed.

What I perceive is that God is making my husband aware of his sin, but he isn't responding with true repentance.  He is justifying his sin by listening to sermons that he can twist to make him feel good about what he's doing and to me the cross thing is to show he is 'religious' so people will think he is a Christian.  No matter what, it doesn't negate the fact that God is dealing with him.  I try very hard not to ask anyone anything concerning my husband, but this was just spoken to me out of the blue...well, in hindsight, not really out of the blue.  I felt God nudging me and whispering: "Keep praying.  (For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.) {Is.43:19 NLT}"

  • They are on a journey just like we are.  And I have a particular fondness for your scripture quote about the wilderness...I have referred to the Israelites in the wilderness and my own wilderness often in my journal.  Keep praying and you are covered in my prayer!  Peace to you.

  • I think our spouses, like mine, whom was a stronger believer than I, she felt a lot of guilt from the Lord.  I cannot be certain but I do hope every time she goes to church or every time she prays that God convicts her decision to turn her back on the marriage.

    I know I'm different, I know the changes in me are permanent as long as I stay in Christ.  I will never be cured, or fixed, only a work in progress to try and be like Christ.

    I don't know if she will ever regret or be repentant. That's between her and God.  Anyway, good post.

  • No matter his reasonings of watching the Christian shows and putting up crosses, It seems to me will do one of two things, maybe both.  1.  Bring additional conviction.  2 its a sign he feels conviction but is uncertain how to deal with it, and these things may open his eyes on what to do with the conviction.

    Pray he fully understands what the conviction is and what to do with it.  Repent and do good.  

    The door is always open for his free will to do what's in God's free will, and to come to God and you.  He may be ackwardly be coming to Christ now, but that's a good step.  For it would be even better for him to journey to you after he begins journeying to Christ.  

    Be patient as you are.

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