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Day 121...fourth go round..

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Good Morning!  I have been busy, but do take moments to catch up even though I may not post.  Going to just touch on a few areas of growth for me.  The first love dare is patience.  You would think since I'm in the fourth go round of the book that patience would be something I have mastered...well...was at the tag and title office on Wednesday to get a title in my name from divorce settlement.  I had already traded it in with a POA from judge where my husband signed it over to me.  He signed the back of the title as well...thus the issue.  If he had not signed the title, the dealership could have just had me sign it over to them, I stand in line for over an hour, get to window and they need the exact odometer reading from the old car.  It's at the dealership!  I call...get transferred 3 times and no one is at their desk.  By now, in my head I'm thinking: Great...chalk one up to hubby again!  I finally get through to someone at dealership who can look up the number for me. (Great thing here is she was one of my daughter's old school buddies...very pleasant surprise!)  She gets me the odometer reading and I finally get the title stuff taken care of.  I leave, thinking: Well, I handled that well.  Ha.  Holy Spirit immediately gives me the impression of, "You think so?"  I pray...ask God to show me where I've failed and He speaks to my heart, "Linda, if you can't be patient in the little stuff, how are you going to handle being patient in the big stuff?"  Instant conviction, but such gratitude that He cares enough to show me my shortcomings!  And He is so right!  If I can't be patient getting a car title switched into my name, how will I react with my husband when the opportunity presents itself?  or when God restores our marriage, how quickly would I revert back to the old Linda??  So, today, starting the Love Dare again, for the fourth time, has a very special feeling for much growth yet to come!  

Another thing He has shown me, for now, my marriage is on hold, but my service to God is not!  I cannot sit in my apartment and wallow in pity...part of the Love Dare is for learning to love everyone as Christ loves us, not just my spouse.  So, I am getting out meeting with the church women's ministry co-ordinator, learning about that part of the church.  I have signed up for some Women's studies and meeting other women struggling with brokenness and being encouraged and giving encouragement as we learn how Christ can use our brokenness for His glory.  I begin next Wednesday morning going back into prison ministry taking the ladies Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study.  I have sincerely put my husband and my marriage into God's hands and have asked Him where He wants me to go while I wait on His sovereign will to be worked out in all areas of my life.

When I sit in the quiet of my apartment, I am overwhelmed at how blessed I truly am.  God, my heavenly Father, loves me and is willing to use me for His kingdom!  He loves me!  When that gets down into the deepest recesses of your heart, your whole life and outlook on life changes drastically.

I continue to pray for everyone here!  And, once again, I encourage you to stand on Exodus 14:14  The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

  • And that is the comfort in Christ we can all have when we do as you did.  Put Christ first, way above your marriage, your husband, your will, and everything else.

    Your testimony will only get stronger.  And the people in these ministries will need to see your testimony.  They will see it, even before you speak.  

  • Linda, the way you talk, I have to remember if your divorce went through or not.  And that is good.  Because you are leaving it all in His capable hands.  Even if our courts say a d is final that doesn't mean our Father sees it that way..  And the way you speak says the same thing.  

    Thank you and everyone else for the prayers.  Prayers for this community too.

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