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Day 98...(third round of Love Dare)

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Hi All!

It has been a tough day...I had a dental appointment to get 3 crowns.  They prepped for crowns at 8:30 this morning and at 3:00 I went to get them on, only to have the dentist say he didn't like how 2 of them looked, so temporary ones and back again tomorrow for final crowns.  Needless to say, my mouth feels like it was stretched for miles!  haha  

I went for a cleaning yesterday.  Earlier on my husband had told me to go get all my dental and medical stuff taken care of because tomorrow I won't be on his insurance or be able to use any monies in the HSA, so I went to the dentist.  When I found out what the crowns were going to cost, I texted my husband to make sure it was ok to spend that much on my teeth.  He called and asked why so much....said it was over what he considered 'my half' of the general just not real happy about the cost, so I told him I'd only get 2 done and worry about the 3rd one later.  He said no to go ahead and get them all done.

This morning, very early, I got a text from him apologizing for making a fuss about the cost.  Told me to be sure and get it all done by the end of today as legally I cannot use the HSA monies after today.  

I paid for all 3 this morning, but also applied for a dental plan the office gave me a form for, so when the total was added up, with the new policy thing, I got all 3 for way less than originally thought.  I texted him back and told him I had paid for a dental plan which lowered the cost so I didn't use up so much of the HSA.  He texted back and basically called me a good girl.  (haha) Then later asked for the info on the dental plan I paid for so he could check it out for himself.  lol 

Why that is such a big deal to me is because in the nearly 14 years we've been married, he has only apologized to me once, maybe twice without my apologizing for something first.  He never has thought he does anything wrong to apologize for...even in arguments, he always turned it back on me to make me think I was always at fault.  And so early in the morning too....made me wonder how he slept last night.  lol  Oh how I love that man....but I do admit I pray God will trouble his sleep until he falls on his face humbling himself before God and turns to Him with all he is.  

This is kind of jumbled up, but I am in a little pain and I am tired.  Who would have thought gripping the arms of a dental chair would make one so tired?  lol

I prayed for everyone here this morning and will continue to pray!  I will be gone for awhile...headed to a sisters house to help her out as she has some health issues.  If I can get to a computer, I will check in, but if not, know that I will be praying for you all!

Remember:  The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still!! 

  • With the apologies and him showing kindness such as suggesting you get all 3 crowns done, maybe he  is not only feeling Christ's conviction, but is indirectly recognizing it for what it is and is choosing  to use his free will to do the right thing.  

    So many people on here say they pray for there spouses happiness.  but I do agree that happiness hopefully alludes them.  Who changes when they are happy?  We all seem to change when we seek Christ while we are hurting.  

    Pray he not only feels Christ's convictions, but recognizes it for what it is, and chooses his free will to do Christ's will.

  • Well, I totally misread his text.  He was not apologizing for the hard time he gave me...he merely was saying sorry for the early text in that he was texting me early in the morning.  *sigh*  It was nice while it lasted thinking he had apologized for something definitive.  lol  Ah well...such is life, right?  Today is the "D" day...I feel some sadness...have cried to God...allowed Him to swallow me up in His peace and now This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!  Oh...I do have to go get the other 2 crowns put on.  ugh.  But yes, even with knowing I misread the text, you are right, Tim...he did give me the go ahead on all 3 crowns when the price was way out of his comfort zone!  So that is a thing to be thankful for and to see Jesus in!!  As for praying for his happiness?  Oh no way.  Happiness is such a fleeting thing and I do not want him happy.  I want him to know the joy of the Lord!  I want God to be his greatest joy!  and that can only happen when he begins to love God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength.  I want the weight of his sin to make him so miserable he falls on his face and cries out to God.  Whether that ever bring him back to me or not is not the important thing.  He has to be born again!   I can face losing him in this life...the thought of losing him in eternity turns my blood cold and rips my heart to shreds.  I desire for him to know the Lord, intimately and have a relationship with Jesus Christ....not just be a church member.   So, no, I do not pray for him to be happy.  I hope God disturbs his every moment with conviction and I pray God gives him the gift of repentance when he finally recognizes the conviction for what it is.  

    Leaving tomorrow for out of town trip and will be busy today getting ready.  Taking 2 dogs with me so this should be an adventure.  

    Have good days everyone and will be in touch soon!  Praying for you all!!  :)

  • Always keep it on the forefront of your mind that in Jesus you are eternally loved (Jeremiah 31:3), accepted (Romans 15:7), adequate (2 Corinthians 3:5), and victorious! (1 Corinthians 15:57)  Even though you misread what he apologized for, he still apologized for something which meant there was something on his heart.  I hope you have a glorious time at your sisters and whatever she is going through is used to His glory.  And you are right in your thinking about not praying for his happiness as it is a fleeting feeling.  No where in the bible does God promise our happiness.  To the believer He promises Love, Peace, Joy, Long Suffering, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness and Self Control.

  • The world sees no difference between happiness and joy.  Thank God we see the difference.  Thanks for the prayers and prayers for you and your sister.

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