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I can't do it..

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I feel like ive failed already,  i cant bring myself to call my DH and ask the 3 questions, not because im afraid of his answer but I know his level of irriation with me. I know he has been extremely busy since his mom passed and extra responsibilities he has. Why am i all of a sudden so afraid of the man i want to be with? I have no reason to be afraid of him.   As i type this out i have nonstop tears rolling down my face. I have prayed since this morning for God to open a door so i can complete this. My heart hurts so badly,  i keep handing over my control about every 5 minutes to the Lord.. im not giving up. I will complete this dare but it cant be by phone. Living apart makes this extra hard. 

Update at 5:30PM i cant call or text and ime feeling very convicted to complete this dare..ive decided to email, i know its not what i would rather but i have to complete this .God please direct my DH today and bring him peace..

  • I received a reply not too long after sending the email.

    He said three ghings didn't come to mind , but hes decided hes not good at relationships after his last marriage and he wished i would understand.  I told him he is fantastic at relationships and i prayed for a husband a husband like him and i was blessed with him. I am not giving up, God will do my fighting for me.

  • You mentioned the dare couldn't be done by phone.  Not sure if you meant it was not possible to reach him by phone, or you just couldn't get yourself to call.   You don't need to respond to that.

    When you choose to do a dare even though it is such a huge struggle, you gain endurance in Christ that brings forward our faith, hope, and our character.  So, it's great you did the dare when you didn't want to.  

    When a spouse says they just are no good at relationships, to me it sure sounds like a whiney excuse, like when a little kid says he just can not learn to ride his bike without training wheels.  They are justifying why they want to give up instead of putting in the effort.  But they don't realize we give a little effort, and it doesn't hurt, yet with God there are huge dividends.

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