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2nd Time Around

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Well, I've started the Love Dare over for a 2nd go round. Today is my day 3. I pray that my husband is receptive of his gift, but even if he's not, I pray God is pleased with me for my efforts.

I'll be transparent here... This week (beginning on Sunday at church, sigh) has been difficult for me emotionally. The devil has been attacking my mind and I have come so close to losing hope. But, our God is faithful and has continued to sustain my husband and I. God has also encouraged me to keep pressing forward by speaking to me through devotionals, my Godly mentor, and of course, His Holy Word. I remain in prayer all throughout the day and I have been fasting on specific days of the week. I can say this, I am truly thankful for the spiritual growth God has granted me during this season of our lives. It hurts, but the pain is necessary for me to grow and be elevated to the position that God wants to use me in. He has already shown me how He wants to use me by having me write a spiritual book during the toughest season of my life. Any other time, I would have been disobedient to His calling on my life, but this season and storm has really tested my faith and has had me to lean and depend on Him and not my husband. I am still praying for restoration, but even more than that, I am praying that my husband repents and returns to God. I pray for his life and that his walk with Christ is strengthened. I never knew how to love someone with the Agape love of God until now. This storm has taught me how to be a better Christian, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Co-worker and person in general. It amazes me that I no longer harbor animosity towards others in my heart or hold grudges now, when before I would if they offended me. God's grace and mercy is amazing. I am thankful for my growth in Christ. I just pray God keeps sustaining me as I wait on His will to be done in our marriage. I am praying for my marriage and all the Love Dare marriages. God is with each of us on this journey. Let us not forget that. He has not forgotten about us! Hebrews 13:5. Be encouraged today. 

  • My second round of the dares taught me so much more than the first round...the second round was so much more about my relationship with God and less about my hubs.  And I believe for this reason alone too, Satan attacks us that much more during this round.  My prayers of strength and peace and endurance are covering you Kitty!  Stand beautiful and strong, clothed in the robe of God's radiant love and light!

  • Thank you so much, Par! Those words of encouragement are needed right now. I am having another one of my crying spells. Thank you again. I pray you have a great night.

  • Maybe this will help you during the crying spells, not sure, but it helped me during tough moments.  And that was to actually see my spouse standing next to Jesus.  Then I had to pick a teammate.  Each time I chose Christ, peace would come.  Or I would visualize putting God above her, not lowering her at all.  and peace would come.

    Par is right about getting more out of the second round.

  • It is good that we come hear to save our marriages, but really we do what we need to do, leave the marriage to Christ while we grow in Him.  And a couple of the fruits are what you shared, being better with others, and not holding grudges.  That shows growth in you.

  • I have been seeing in my own life that the more I grow the more frequent the attacks on my mind have become.  I've had days where I've just simply thrown myself on the floor and told God I just want it over; I don't want to 'feel' anything anymore, because I've become so weary of the constant bombardment of thoughts.  It never fails, though, when I'm battling through this, something I hear or read always encourages me to get up, put on my big girl boots and keep walking.  2 Corinthians 2:16 says: 'for, "Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ."'  I remind myself of this on a daily basis.  On really good days the attacks make me smile a little as I realize if I was doing something wrong, the enemy wouldn't bother with me, so if I am making him uncomfortable then bring it on, for I am more than a conqueror in Christ.  The most enlightening thing I've learned from this season is that we do have an enemy, but more realistically, God has an enemy who hates Him and wants to hurt Him.  We are the instruments he uses to hurt God, because he knows how much God loves us.  This made a  huge difference in how I look at people and situations now.  Sure makes it easier to forgive and love others too.

  • Thank you, Tim, for the uplifting and kind words... This is a daily struggle of mind, to remain positive. My mind just headed somewhere negative moments ago and I had to say a quick prayer and I came to this site... I am so thankful you guys are here.

  • Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your words and the scripture. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I've done the same exact thing, lay on the floor and cry out to God to end this seemingly unbearable pain I am experiencing. I know it is only temporary because His Word tells us so, but in this season, it is very difficult to see the end result. I am struggling right now to resist the urge of calling my husband and just asking about the trip he's on. I am asking God to be with me and that I keep my thoughts and mind focused on Him and let my husband contact me instead.

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