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Today is day 37...

I must say this journey, by far, has been an emotional one. I have had good days, bad days, and in between. I have cried, laughed, experienced God's pure joy, experienced peace, been frustrated, been angry... But one thing has remained constant... God's love for me.

I am hesitant to share this, because I still wish to remain anonymous on this site, but I am being led to inform others that even in the midst of this storm that I am in, how God has used me. I have recently completed a book on prayer and it will be available for sale pretty soon. Now, I have published other books in the past, but I had never been led to write a spiritual one prior to this season in our lives. I even told a friend six months ago there was no way God was going to use me to write a spiritual book... Hmph. God has a sense of humor. LOL. He showed me who's Boss. Since today's dare is focusing on praying with your mate, I felt led to express how God has used me as His chosen vessel to write a book on prayer to encourage others in their spiritual journey with Him. God is sovereign and so good to us. I am still in awe of how that even through the midst of this very trying season, He wanted me to reach others to draw them nearer to Him. It really reminds me of what my pastor says... "What we go through in life is not just for us, but to help others, as well". I really believe this.

I want to encourage each of you to continue to pray for your spouses. Continue to trust God. Continue to seek His face fervently in prayer as you surrender your marriage, spouse, and yourself to Him. Allow Him to work for you. Lay down your worries, your doubts, and your cares. Allow Him to move within your lives. Unbelief hinders our prayers being answered. If we do not trust in our Heavenly Father and stand on the promises found in His Word, we are really telling God that He cannot handle our situations. God is all powerful and we have to remember that He does things on His time and in His will, not ours. We cannot rush Him. While I am saying these things to you, I am really speaking to myself, as well. We need to be reminded at times that no obstacle we face and no problem that we have is too big or small for our God. He can handle it all if we just trust Him. Be encouraged today. Seek God's face right now in prayer. If you have tried to pick your marriage situation back up and take matters in your own hands, drop them right now. Repent. Ask God for forgiveness and surrender the situation back to Him. He loves you. He will never leave, nor forsake you.

I am thankful to God for allowing me to become closer to Him. I look forward to the day when I meet Him face to face and He says to me, "Well done, My good and faithful servant".

Have a great weekend all.

Be blessed.

  • Haha!  You must have read my post!  You are right about unbelief and prayer. Thank you for a more eloquent way of saying what I was trying to say...Jesus is sovereign over all of Heaven and Earth and there is nothing He cannot do...but these trials are for us to build endurance and faith and trust in Him. As well as our journey being for the benefit of someone else we may not even realize!  Not fair but again His ways are higher than ours! He turned Saul to Paul as Tim would say!  He can do the same for each of our spouses...and us...but His ways are higher than ours and all of this is for His glory in His timing!  

  • Par,

    Hi! Lol. I hadn't got a chance to respond to your post, yet, but I did read it. I was compelled to write about how I am feeling right now. I am guilty of picking the marriage back up and then surrendering it again. I need to just leave it in God's hands, but honestly, as a human that is easier said than done. You are sending me confirmation of what I recently read in Isaiah 55. You're right, His are higher than ours. That is so true. Have mercy, Jesus.

    He wants me to learn something from all of this. It is difficult. This morning I was crying, but now, I am okay and it's all because of Him. He won't let me quit. I can't quit on Him or my marriage. I owe God everything. He's just showing me that He wants me to truly trust and follow Him. People have told me so many times (even during this season in which they do not even know I am going through) that God was going to use me. I would always be like, "Surrreeeee..." He showed me otherwise. Lol

  • As you continue in this journey, through this trial, all the emotions you are going through.....will eventually get to less and less of the sad, frustrating, and angry emotions, and the peaceful and joyful emotions will become more and more consistent.

  • as far as sharing.  That is a tough one for me, I am very private.  

    Look for Jenn's journal if you would like.  I read it a few years ago.  What I remember, she shared a lot of herself personally.  She was lead to blog, the right word?, about this journey.  And I didn't follow the blog, but I believe she acdtually published her and her husband's name and revealed a lot.  She may have had to stop.  She had some very troubling health issues she had to deal with.  Her husband was an unbeliever, yet, I was surprised that he seemed ok with his life being revealed.  And she is one of the  stories here where the marriage was reconciled and she came back a couple times to let us all know that, vs leaving like so many do without letting us know they reconciled.  

  • If interested, this is a link to one of jenn's blogs.

  • Thank you, Tim for sharing Jenn's blog. I will have to check it out.

    I pray that as I grow more in Christ, these frustrating emotions of mine will cease. It is still very difficult to manage at times and Lord help me to hold my tongue. Keep us in prayer, please. I will continue to lift our Love Dare community and families up in prayer, also.

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