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Unconditional love but not his

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I have been thinking in unconditional love. Maybe I enter the marriage loving him unconditionally but maybe his love never was real love. Maybe he never really love me. Maybe that's why all of us are here because we married who we love but they didn't know what they were doing. My husband is the love of my life but I am not his. Sad face but I can't do nothing about it and maybe is not even in God's will to fix my broken marriage. I Am very sad today because in reality my husband really prefers to be in the streets than to be with me and that says a lot. He rather be a homeless man. Makes me wonder how bad really is to be around me. 

  • Take your focus off of him, and letting your mind wonder about if his love was ever there for you.  And stop thinking about if it is you that may have been the problem.

    He has chosen to use his free will not according to God's ways.

    Just be patient and kind, And Be still.  

    When you have these feelings, go to prayer and seek Him.  He will fill your hurt with His peace and comfort.  Even in this hurt, He can give you joy and happiness in Him.

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