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He has seen a light

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Yeah day 2. I am doing a second round but really don't want to.  Lol this being obedient is not fun sometimes. Anyways my husband told me over the weekend in one of our conversations that he has seen a light and he can't unseen it and that is why we can not be together anymore. Mind you we are in a very ridiculous roller coaster where we go out and expend time together onndates but is just not really what he wants. He doesn't really want to be with me but doesn't really want to be without me. I told one day that I wont talk to him anymore and he saids I can not do that. So I am mentally done with him. I know that I love him and I miss him but as others I feel I am expending to much time thinking of him so I have decided to focus in work and saving money for some goals that I have. I am trying to learn more about investing and saving so every free time I have I reaf and article about it. I have decided not to call him out anymore for not expending time with our son not that I dont care but is his problem and my son will have to live with that end of the history. We talked about why I am still here wanting our family to be together and I told him I am really being or trying to be obedient to God by doing something I really could have just forget about not like him who is only seen what he wsnts to see. That was a mistake and he said I shouldn't question his faith which I was not questioning but it sounded like that. 

Anyways he doesn't want a family according to him he is doing what he wants and he wont look back. I will look forward to and even though I am doing a second round I al not even really inspired this time around because all I need is God and i dont want to fight for this marriage anymore. God can figure it out without me 

  • While he is still listening to the selfish world's ways, and his flesh, he will look back.  He won't be able to help it.

    While he is of the world, you need to stay focused in your walk in Christ.  don't say things like you won't talk to him any more.  At times you may feel you no longer have the strength to continue.  This is when you lead the heart, and realize you can not do this on your limited strength.  and to rely on God's strength He provides.  And not to give in during the trial because when you remain through the endurance Christ is offering you, you will not be disappointed.

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