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About this past days with him

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Amazingly we haven't fight or get angry. And I thank God for that. Not that it was not about to happen. The first time was about a comment I made of how I made a little more money at work but it doesn't really feel that way and he said well that is because of the way you manage money. So I told him please let no talk about money because we are going to end up fighting. He said okay. To a little background a lot of our downfall was related to money because he was not supporting financially. He still doesn't do but that is between him and God and I knoe the lord will convict him one day and make him do the right thing. The second moment was when we were talking about this trip he is taking I said he can go but I didn't approved mainly because I dont k n ow where he is going and he was surprise i said that, I told that we were not going to fight about it because he still will do as he please and that fighting will not change the outcome. Very weird but he said you do the same too and I said no I never do or go out like that without you knowing not even now. I have always asked you to join me in anything I do to what he just laugh because I was right. I just told him he doesn't have my permission and laugh but we were not going to talk about it anymore. I didnt want to bring anything up for discussion because I dont think we are ready for that yet. I think eventually if this continue this way and his mind changes we can talk about what both of us need to work on. In the mean time I will continue what I am doing. 

  • Be careful what you bring up.  It is best to be still and not bring up anything that will not bring unity.  And you did do that.  

    When he chooses to use his free will according to Christ's will in his life, he will share what he is doing or where he is going.  So keep doing what you are doing and not continually asking him what he is up to.  

    Keep in Christ and let Christ handle him.  

  • Thanks. I am trying to be still both comments started as a joke but they were heading somewhere else so I stop. He just left for his trip. I already pray for the lord to keep him safe from ungodly things and I am going back to focus on myself. He knows where I am if he needs something.

  • Yes, those jokes right now get taken out of context by our spouses.  Sometimes the best way to focus on yourself is to focus on Christ.  He will lead you where you need to go.

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