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I made it till the end

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Yes I am celebrating that I made it to day 40. I am not good at finishing anything. It shows I care about my marriage and my husband. I am really in a better place with God right now that when I started but I am not sure there is any hope for my marriage. I dont know how long I can wait for him if he had already left me and completely move on. He has no interest in me or my son and even though we had some sore of time expend together it meant nothing to him. 

I don't know if I will do another round of this. Right now I feel like I am better when I don't contact him at all. I dont really have strength to deal with his rejection even if it is every few days.

He has moved on And he doesn't even want to expend t i me with our son. At least not by his own  initiative. 

Anyways I know I can't control his actions and I am happy I made it till the end. Maybe one day my testimony will be different. 

  • That's great you finished the round.  I would really encourage you to do a round two.  

    Your growth in Christ will be more of the desire in round two vs round one where much of your desire was focused on saving your marriage, your hurts, and him.  At least that's what the pattern I think is for most of us.  

    Another reason to do another round is in what you said.  You feel better when not contacting him at all.  Another round may get you to feeling better just knowing you have Christ always with you, no matter how he behaves or if he rejects you.

    As far how long you can wait on him.  Look at how long Christ is/was willing to wait on you at different times of your life.  I am sure you are glad Christ did not give up on you at any  point.  So, do the same for him, and do not give up on him or the marriage.

    You entered a covenant in the marriage.  Not a contract with an out clause or an experation date.

  • I will do it again but right now I want to do a 21 day fasting challenge and I am not sure I can handle both. Lol.  I am really not good at finishing things.

  • Well said, Tim!

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