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So my sister left yesterday. I feel homesick right now because I want to be closer to my family especially now that my husband is not with me. He came yesterday because my son wanted to see him but he just came to complain about everything we were doing. I wanted to watch my TV show but we ended up watching a movie he wanted to see. I felt sleep in the same place we were watching the movie and he left me right there and went to sleep in the room. That really upset me but I didn't say anything. When I get up he had the bedroom door close So I didn't get to sleep on my bed. That upset me more because I suffer from back pain and he knows that so I went back to the couch to sleep because I have to be up early to take my son to school. 

When I wake up in the morning he was already gone didn't even said goodbye to my son. I did text him and said he was rude but as always he only say why. I refrained from saYing anything else because I didn't want to argue. I see him and I realize he has not change at all. But I am okay because he is in God hands. But I am still upset I am just not taking it as I used to. He is God respinsanbility not mine. I am only responsible for my actions. I can denied that for moments I want to just live my life without any record of him


  • Right now it may be good to be away from family.  Because it will cause you to continue to seek comfort in Christ instead of having the comfort of family.  

    It was good you saw a way to be kind and let him win by watching his movie vs your show.

    Love believes the best.  Maybe he left you on the couch because he didn't want to wake you and wanted you to sleep.  

    If you found the door closed, could you haveopened it to go to bed?

    He may not have said goodby to your son because he left before your son woke up.  Keep in mind he was kind by coming over because your son wanted him to.

    Was texting he was rude an act of kindness?  Do you think that text would change him?  

    Keep leaving him to God as you mentioned.

  • I know I have to believe the best and trust me that's why the text only said he was being rude. I wanted to say much more but I didn't. I know he is in God's control and I am learning to control my feelings and emotions. I dont like the couch lol. It hurts my back. And in regards to my son I will always feel that he could do better for our son unless that he change his ways but that is not my fault and I learn I could not change him.

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