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The days when we look back

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Yesterday and this morning have been a little rough. Not because of the dare but because of my mind. This past hours my mind is on her own to much thinking of the past of the wrong doings that could have been fixed, the things he did to me that were wrong. AND yes I know I shouldn't been thinking about it but for some reason there is always a day where my mind can be quiet, where my mind doesn't stop, there is always that day where I can go one step at a time. I cried so much yesterday and today that is ridiculous because I know that I am not in control of this situation, but my prayers for peace have not been successful today. I dont know why I am so emotional and why I get this crazy mind episodes. 

Crying makes me feel weak and vulnerable. I dont like that feeling. I will continue praying and hope the lord will bring me some comfort soon.

  • God strengthens the weak.  He uses the weak to do great things.

    When we feel like we are strong, it is the flesh fooling us to believe it is us that is strong.  We can only be strong in Christ.  

    All our strength, talents, intelligence comes from God.  

    So let the weakness bring you closer to Christ.  And His strength will be used in you.  

    You can do all things in He who strengthens you.

  • Thank you Tim. I really appreciate it

  • Learning from the past is good.  Dwelling on it is bad.

    When you come to terms that you cannot change the past, and truly accept that then you will be able let go of holding onto the what ifs.

    I was a mess and when I prayed it may have given me a few minutes or hours but seeking His comfort and turning over the things you cannot control to him, is imperative to your healing.

  • When thoughts come at me that I know are bad for me I immediately go into worship.  Singing songs of praise blocks out the bad stuff and helps me focus on the good, Him.  When you feel your mind starts to wander, sing louder!

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