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Soooo day 32 update

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Definitely I was not able to make this dare. Yes I saw him but he will not even let me touch his hand. He was clear saying dont touch me. Obviously that hurt a lot even though I knew it could happen. Intimacy is not something that he wants anymore at least not with me. 

Anyways I tried and that is what I was suposed to do. 

  • You did good. More than what I did my first round. Thank our Heavenly Father that He will provide and open these doors when they are ready to open.

  • Dare completed.  You attempted and that's what counts, not the results.  The result we really want from doing the dares isn't so much from our spouse, but from learning more on unconditional love and growing closer to Christ.  

    Every time you attempt a dare it brings you closer to Christ and opens the door more fully for Christ to work in him.

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