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31 days but who is counting

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After 31 one days I can honestly say this is hard but worth it. So far I have learn to be patience and I have kept my mouth shot without saying something negative almost every day. I am praying more. I can say that I am in a better place than where I was when I started. 

Maybe me and my husband won't be back together anymore and we will end up having a Divorce but even if that happens God has my back. Do I want a divorce no I do not but I know that if it happens I will be okay. 

I now know that if I really want to save my marriage and that I really love my husband. I know not everything is his fault and that I screw up to which is hard to admit. He is in pain to and he is hurt too. Is not only about me. 

Anyways I am better now. And I hope to continue growing my relationship with God 

  • Incredible revelation that this journey with Jesus has given you KC.  Keep pushing forward with God at the wheel.  Gods will is greater than all.

  • We all started this journey to save our marriage.  But in the end we learn to save out relationship with God and Jesus.  Once you understand that you are not alone and God has plans for you, it really helps to heal.

    Being okay either way is good.  I still desire to reconcile, but it is very much looking like that will not happen.  I still trust God will take care of me.  Things can still happen, no papers have been filed, but she and 'A' will have to have a falling out somehow.

  • strongly consider doing a round two.  Everyone who does says they see a big difference between round one and two.

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