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Not so happy new years

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I prayed a lot yesterday and I cried more. There was no celebration for me, first time in long time that I get the day off but I don't get to do anything. I wish I only had issues with my husband but there is so much going on in my life that some times I know that I am only walking because God has me here. I want to rest for a couple of days and just don't do anything. 

A new year should be full of hope and new goals but I am not ready for it. My mind is playing games with me now. Just none stop stupid thoughts. 

Now I am in day 7 and to be honest I don't want to keep going. I dont want to do today's dare either. I am being selfish right now and I admit that but I don't feel like going through this pain. Not today. I can't even make a positive list of things about him. And yes the negative list is ready which shows me a lot of work have to be done but I don't want to do anything. 

I already pray about it so we will see how the end of the day goes.


  • Look at it as giving up on the dares is giving up on your journey with Christ.  Because this is only a journey between you and Christ, not you and him.  

    As you continue the dares, Christ will continue to mold you, this will bring endurance in Christ to keep going, and when you keep going, a new character, a character in Christ, will be more fully formed in you.  Do not miss out on that gift from God.

    The world puts emphasis on a supposedly magical day out of 365 days where we are to be transformed in ourselves. And this temporary desire to have a better life in ourselves dissapates so guickly.   All I hear is people saying Thank goodness 2016 is gone.  All we do as humans is wish our life away.

     But when we are in Christ, we transform the best we can each day, and it does not start on day one of the new year, it starts on the day you choose to grow in Him, through the dares, through prayer, through church, through the bible, etc.

    Be still and listen for Him when you have no desire to continue.

  • Hey Tim I really needed to hear/read that post.  I to at times think why not just give up, but then I keep telling myself that love believes the best, God has everthing undercontrol and God is always with me, God is good and that his will will be done.

  • For new years eve my wife and I went to a place called phillip island near where we live in australia we went there together but she went to C's mums place, which I was not invited to so I spent time with a mate of mine who was on a beach mission spreading Gods word. The point is that my wife spent the new year with him and not me.  The only thing good about this is while I was out on the bea h that night with my mates team,  I also got to know a guy who didnt believe in god, and myself and one of the team members talked and got to know this guy and he was asking and interested in what Godcand jesus were about, he also is having identity issues he says his Transgender and so he was prety open about and thats prety much how we got started talking it was really good to see God working through the mission team and I was so blesed to have been involved in that conversation.

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