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Recovering and got served on day 40

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 Well I think the headline pretty much sums it up got out of surgery everything went fine came home recovered and are recovering and I got served on day 40  come to find out she filed on Valentine's Day waited for me to have surgery and sent the sheriff to the house the day I was recovering at home  she also informed me that she no longer works where she used to work she either quit or got fired I suspect she has moved to fl with her ex and kid. Who's not a kid just a list young adult caught up in drugs.  I must go see the attorney today and then I have a therapy appointment after that not quite sure what all this means or what I should do my heart hurts more now but it's easier to deal with I believe she is hurt and confused as well I can only continue to ask God to show her himself and the love that he bestows upon us not sure what my next step is from here my motivation hope have all kind of dwindled away

  • My prayers are with you brother.  Do not give up on God.  Nothing is impossible for Him.

  • Try another round.  It will be difficult to do, but that will give you purpose and motivation to stay in Christ vs wanting to give in or give up.  

    She is confused and thinks moving and being with him will bring her happiness.  But the more she runs, the more she will realize she can not become happy this way.  And one day she may realize she wants what you have, Christ.

    So, it is important for you to remain in Christ and have a consistent testimony.

  • I am glad your surgery went well and you are recovering.  I am sorry you got served and are heartbroken.  The only advice I can offer is you have to decide what you want, Justin, then tell God and let Him fight for you.  It's not going to be easy if you choose to fight for your marriage.  It's especially hard to love someone who does not reciprocate that love, but Christ loved us even when we didn't love Him back.  Who better to understand and care for us through this than Jesus, as He really knows how we feel?  I will be praying for you, Justin.  My heart knows how your heart feels.  

  • So I went to my therapist. He told me to ask her where we go from here and this is not what I wanted. I did not expect her to reply seeing she hasn't really responded to anything lately. She responded and her response was. It's over between us and has been for a very long time. We get divorced and go our Owen ways. Now I have not responded because I'm trying to think of the right thing to say. I could respond all different ways but I know god will guid me properly. It hurts only because I know it hasn't been a "very long time". I did reach out to my therapist also. My thoughts and emotions are now all mixed up again. I want her back but I question if anything was ever real and if I could take her back. I don't know.

  • Be still and know He is God.  Dwell upon Christ and put Him first above all your hurts, pains, and her.  And comfort can come.

    She will, as I think lynn, or one of the ladies termed it, rewrite history.  To suit her actions.  

    I think what the therapist told you to ask her really painted her in a corner.  She felt she had to come back and say something like that to justify her actions.  To me still, a dare a day, no more, no less is a good option.  

    Seek Christ above all else and comfort will come.

  • Hey man so sorry to hear that, it does suck but as everyone says, keep trusting in christ, yes its hard to just sit back and watch ur wife/husband just ruin there lives but God has it under control.  Everything will happen in Gods timing for his timing is perfect. Dont give up on your wife and ur marriage but as I have learned u just need to let go and let God do his work let him fight for you. Praying for you and your wife.

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