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Well its been a few days since I posted . I continue to do the dares with a lot of thought and compassion. I ask god everyday for his guidance and forgiveness. it was my birthday this past sat. and all I really wanted was to get a text saying happy birthday from my wife. it never happened. sad face. however I was not expecting her to. I know she is dealing with a lot this week her youngest son just moved to FL with his father which he hasn't had anything to really do with his kids for 7 years now. I'm sure she is beside herself. I've asked god to help her with her tough time and dealing with it. I am finding it easier to get through the days now knowing I'm not alone. knowing that god is with me helping me walk through this. my feelings for her have not changed but I am becoming less anxious and impatient. I'm coming to the end of the LD and I am now finding myself ask if I read it over again and do the dares again. I see others post and it looks as though that is what you do. Todays dare really makes me think seeing how in the past I never really paid attention to what she really desires  or wants. so I asked god to help me either remember or give me a sign in regard's to this. the only real thing I can think of right now is change. she wanted me to change in the way I am now. maybe this is the dream she has. still nothing has been said by her or any conversations of divorce . I am praying that she recognizes the change and devotion I have to learning how to change . only god knows at this point.

  • As far as each day asking for forgiveness that's good to do.  But make sure you are not asking for forgiveness for the same sin every day.  Once you ask for forgiveness for a sin accept the forgiveness and dwell on it no more.  You probably already know that.

    Make sure to thank God for the peace you're receiving through Him.

    Do another round.  Many day they do the second round with a different purpose.

  • I think the second round allows you to focus much more on God and consider and look at it from His perspective and your relationship with just seemed my spouse had a lesser role the second time around and the roller coaster ride didn't have as many dips.  Peace to you.

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