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so yesterday was a good day , yes emotional knowing where she was yet comforting at the same time. I got no response yet I've come to be comfortable with it and know that god has a plan and she will respond when he says she's ready to. Todays dare is interesting and its funny how god works. due to the blizzard we had my therapy apt. was rescheduled for today, this is a new therapist. so I had to start from the beginning again. and I realized that my feelings and emotions have changed in how I explain things. also how I feel about the past. I am more humbled and can recognize my faults. I am very excited to be dealing with the new therapist I feel he is going to help me more than the last. and the plus side is its one that was recommended to me by my wife.

  • Several things to thank God for.  The good day yesterday, the comfort you received knowing where she was, feeling ok knowing you probably won't get a response (but as we say have no expectations, also don't have expectations she wont do something, such as respond), the new therapist, the change in you in how your emotions are maturing, being humble, and showing unity with your wife by using the therapist she recommended.

    Enjoy the good moments, and let God know you enjoy Him even more so.

  • Hey Justin. It is always good to get a new perspective.  Sometimes after much prayer, thought and  reflection we find that our thinking has changed.  We are much more humble and much more open to accepting our role in the direction of our lives as well as being able  to see clearly to make positive  change. That is growth my friend.  Prayers and blessings.

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