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Snowy day

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So today is a blizzard out. I'm by myself and just feeling sentimental. These are the days where we would cook or bake and watch movies. I'm missing those times. I'm wanting her with me. I'm wanting a conversation with her. But I continue to do the dares and restrain myself from sending more messy. She has spent last night at the neighbors house and now the day. She's so close yet so far. I had to think about today's date seeing it's been a few months since we have had a conversation. This is what I said. Again I don't expect a response seeing she never does. 

You always give to me the kids and your boss and never ask for anything in return. I love the compassion you show us and I want to show you that in return. 

I hope and pray that something sometime will get through to her. I believe that we are worth the work and pray she will feel the same. 

  • IN thoes moments when you feel sentimental and lonely and really miss her, go to Christ, He will really fill those voids.  

    And as much as it hurts with her at the neighbors and not with you, thank God that you know where she is (vs how many do not know where their spouse is.)

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