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humble and lost

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So in yesterdays dare I did not contact her only due to the way she reacted to day 31. I felt like it would be a lot to confrontational in the aspect of asking for some intimacy or the request of the thought of it. However I did pray upon it and continue to ask god to keep me strong and vigilant in completing the dares . I asked him to understand as to why I would not fully complete the dare for the day. So todays dare is an obstacle I am going to cross. in an attempt to complete this dare I am sending a text to her saying.

"good morning. I know that I have never included you in decisions and made them on my own or asked for your input and truly listened. and I am sorry for that. I never realized how important your prospective was until I lost you. and I would love to be able to include you in all decisions. will you ever be able to forgive me for my faults."

I will pray today for her and I will ask for strength for me and patience for myself and to continue to show me knowledge and to continue to guide me down this path. its very humbling to recognize ones own faults. yet soothing to be able to accept them and want to be better in gods eyes and work to fix them.


  • When you're humbled there is growth when accepting it like you are.  Can you do this dare in person or in a phone call vs a text?  It's scary to do dares in person or over the phone vs text but more potential for your growth in Christ and more potential for Christ to work in her when done when she can hear( and see) you

  • Unfortunately she will not answer my calls or see me face to face. like I said before. She dropped of the pool team (the only time in the week i would see her) which she would not tell me why. but she told others it was due to uncomfortable personal feeling between me and her. When I asked why she tried to bate me into an argument, which I would not enter into. This is very unlike her seeing how she was annoyed with me before when I didn't show up after our arguments. which I just needed some time to cool off. I hold faith that she is seeing change and maybe she is getting the feelings back that she said she no longer had.

  • I have been in this situation before. My hubs would not pick up. But as suggested to me by Tim and Sean, you should first try calling. And if they do not answer, you text. Make text the last option. My hubs will not pick up his phone when I call but God did something which made it possible for me to reach him via call eventually. :) Pray for doors to be opened. :)

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