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Conflicting yet passionate

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 Well now ,this they're kind of puts me in a little conundrum on day 31 I realize that my obsession with her and our relationship becoming one again is something that I have to leave let God do what God does and not fret on it but focus on myself , focus on my walk with Christ , focus on this journey.  so for me to step forward and try and initiate some sort of sexual contact or intimacy would kind of be conflicting with the day31 dare. yet I feel that I should probably pray and ask God for the guidance the strength and the ability but again like most I do not want to push her farther away I do not want to make her more upset I do not want to conflict with my original dare on day 31. I would want nothing more than to have an intimate relationship with my wife I know that will not happen today I will pray for God to continue working on our marriage and given her back to him and let him do his will. 

  • ti sounds like you are reading ahead in the book.  Do not read ahead in the book, other than the appendix, especially leading the heart.  Do day 31, then tomorrow, read day 32 early in the morning and pray about how to do this dare throughout the day.   Pray that a door is open to accomplish day 32.

  • Actually I have not read ahead.

  • Sorry again.  I thought you were on day 31 and were looking ahead to day 32.  My reading comprehension must not be very good.  LOL.  

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